Ziltek Waste Remediation Solutions


RemBind is a powdered reagent that binds up and immobilises contaminants in soil. The product is typically added at less than 5% by weight using conventional soil blending equipment and binding occurs within 24hrs.

RemBind is designed to treat a range of organic contaminants including TPH, PAH, PFOS, PCBs, PCPs, and various pesticides. The product can also bind up heavy metals such as arsenic, chromium and mercury.

The product was used to successfully treat more than 2,000 tonnes of gas works soil and the project team was awarded a National CCF Earth Award for environmental excellence.

Ziltek can also perform treatability trials and provide post-treatment validation testing and reporting where required.



  • Avoid landfill costs by leaving soil onsite
  • Fast, low risk alternative to bioremediation
  • Reclassify soil to a cheaper disposal category


  • High performance – meets stringent global standards
  • Easy to apply using conventional equipment
  • Developed in collaboration with the CSIRO


  • Contaminated soil treatment
  • Odour control
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sediment remediation

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